Smishing - The New Cell Phone Threat

There are trillions of text messages sent and received around the world every day. We have all seen spam hit our email account. Now it is starting to proliferate in the form of rogue text messages sent to cell phones. In some ways, smishing is a more promising tool for cyber criminals than phishing (phishing involves fraudulent computer email) because at the moment, mobile users have fewer defensive technology tools.

Webroot Threat Research suggests that users can protect themselves from smishing by adopting similar security practices they use for email phishing attacks. “Never click on links in, respond to, or install an app from an unsolicited message.” You might also consider adding security software for your mobile device. Smartphones are just small computers loaded with tons of sensitive information that cyber thieves want. Use the same tools and common sense with your mobile phone that you use to avoid malware and phishing attacks on your PC.

Check with your mobile service provider to see what they are doing to protect your use of text messaging. Two of the leading computer security software companies, Symantec and Webroot, offer mobile products much like the security products they offer for your computer.

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