Smishing - The New Cell Phone Threat | There are trillions of text messages sent and received around the world every day. We have all seen spam hit our email account. Now it is starting to proliferate in the form of rogue text messages sent to cell phones. In some ways, smishing is a more promising tool for cyber criminals than phishing (phishing involves fraudulent computer email) because at the moment, mobile users have fewer defensive technology tools.  Learn More.

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Extra Expense Insurance | If your business suffers a major disaster that interrupts normal business operations, what effect will it have on your operations over the long term? Will you be able to retain customers? Will you lose valuable employees? Alternatively, does your business allow you the flexibility to operate from a different location with equipment that is easily acquired? The answers to these questions allow a business owner to determine whether business income coverage, extra expense insurance or a combination of both, is needed. Learn More.

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